My new love for Learning

January 17, 2013

I have realized over the past few months that I have a new love for learning.  I think I always have, in school I used to get excited about learning something new that actually made me feel smarter and stuck with me.  Unfortunately that love got discouraged by teachers who were too busy about their work sheets, assignments, and test scores that they weren’t always interested in my questions – or if I was genuinely confused they would eventually get frustrated with me (great teaching) and eventually result to the, “that’s the answer just because”, that happened a lot in my science classes.  Or students would get annoyed of me actually trying to learn…because I was wasting their time with questions, or that I was some kind of idiot for asking it. 

I really did try to actually read and digest textbooks where I would actually know the information beyond the test or assignment, but after a few hours of this I realized I needed to finish the assignment, practice, go to show choir rehearsal then go to bed I knew I could not do this anymore.  So I stopped trying to learn and did what every other high schooler did, find key words and fill in the answer.  That is a great skill to have, to be able to find the answer quickly without wasting a bunch of time, but beyond that, the student never learns about the actually subject being studied.

Now that I am no longer in school and not discouraged by test scores and grades, I loooove learning.  I enjoy the feeling of learning something new and feeling smarter.  Constantly I am grasping on the words of wisdom and knowledge from my older and more life experienced co-workers.  Learning from other people is so valuable, I know people say you have to make mistakes in life, but why not get a few tips from people who have gone through the same thing so it might not be so bad?  If I have the chance to avoid a stupid mistake, I will gladly listen to everything you have to say. 

And the way people learn this knowledge is fascinating to me.  What did they do or what happened in their life that made them an expert in this field?  What can I do to do the same.  This prompted me to go back to school (and to get promoted quicker, can not forget that).

A part of my many reasons to join the army, originally I wanted a break from school.  I was tired of the crap, feeling like my ACT score was not good enough or that I was not smart enough and just doing more stupid homework and tests was not appealing to me at all.  And I did not know what I wanted to do with my life, and I did not want to pay for an expensive degree that I had no idea if I really wanted.  Originally I was going to do the 4 years of the army then use my GI Bill to pay for my schooling afterwards, but then I found out about Tuition Assistance and I thought, why not?  I can get a bachelor’s while I am in (paid for), then get a master’s (paid for) when I get out.  And it will help me get promoted to sergeant, so it was looking like a good plan.

I am so excited to go back to school, and it is online, so I can still keep my amazing job and life.  I am even excited to take CLEP tests (I am taking these to earn m  y degree faster, getting the general ed classes out of the way, more credit hours, etc.).  I have to study for them, and I am even excited for that, the learning part, I just hope I will do well on the tests. 

Well I just wanted to share with you my new sparked love for learning.

I hope you love to learn too!