This is copied from one of my previous blog posts, but I wanted to have it compiled to where I could see it whenever I want.  I like making lists, they are fun to make and read.

A compilation of things I like.  Hey, maybe some of you like to do these things to, let me know.  Make your own compilation of things you like.  I find it quite relaxing and fun.  I will periodically keep adding to it.

Nostalgia critic videos

Watching beauty guru videos

Riding bikes around the neighborhood

Watching studio session recordings

Listening to soundtracks

Blogging, when I get around it and I am in the mood

Reading interesting books

Watching Glenn Beck back when it was on

Reading Harry Potter

Fixing my hair like crazy when someone attractive is around

Playing DDR

Watching the news when I am in a newsy mood

Playing Zelda with a friend or family member

Dancing in my room or house like a crazy person

Shopping with money

Sending and receiving funny picture messages

Warm baths

Waking up peacefully in the morning


Learning American History

Playing the french horn and getting better at it

Watching Disney movies

Talking about toots

Wearing my snuggie that my sister got me


When my hair looks good

Being in a good mood

Going to Village Inn with my friends and having my favorite waiter Collin

Tooting in secret places without people knowing

Putting on show choir make-up and doing show choir hair

Being in show choir

Writing on marker boards

Listening to MUSE

Singing in the shower, I have only developed this interest recently

Cleaning up the basement and finding cool photos and papers from forever ago

Spring time

Attractive men who are not jerks

My awesome church with awesome pastors

Playing music too loud

Putting on clothes that make you feel fantastic

Going to Disney World

Playing french horn with play-a-long books or Smart Music

Playing with symphonies

Taking walks with my mother and dog Snickers

Talking and hanging out with my sister

Playing upright bass  with jazz ballads because I love how it feels

Playing with my dog Snickers

Making fun of my dog Snicks while playing with her

Listening to music from the Disney Parks

Playing the electric bass guitar

Doing projects with my dad

My many creepy guy obsessions

Laughing about goofy things

Baking yummy food

Being completely confident with waiting until I am married to have sex

Clif bars

Watching youtube videos

Playing board games, especially with my sister


Every single song by MUSE



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