I was a cool freshman…

November 8, 2012

Looking back at my Notes on facebook, this is one I posted from my freshman year of high school.  I am soooo freaking cooll…


We had to write a made up story for Spanish having a few sentences in Spanish and have the rest in English. Considering that I wrote it in 10 minutes means that it is going to be the best thing that you have ever read in your life and should get lots of awards.

Our story starts in a fancy restaurant, in Spain to be exact with the two astronauts Juan and Maria having their last dinner on Earth before they leave to go to Hispanic-Mars. The waiter comes to their table and asks them what they would like to eat. Juan decides to choose his favorite, considering this could be his last meal both on Earth and in his life. “Quiero comer pizza, sala, y limonada”, says Juan with a burning passion as if he hasn’t eaten in days. The waiter writes down the order and asks what Maria wants. “Quiero hamburguesa, sala de frutas, y refresco” says Maria. The waiter writes down her order then leaves the two alone. Considering they don’t know each other they decide to try and get to know each other. “Como estas?”, says Maria questioningly. Juan replies with, “Bien!”. Soon they begin falling in love and talk the whole time. They get their food, eat it, pay the check then leave to the space station. They are pretty excited to spend lots of time together on Hispanic-Mars, so they get on the rocket ship and they leave. Once they get to Hispanic-Mars they find lots of Hispanic-rocks and collect them to take home. When they are finished they get back on the rocket ship and start flying away. They realize that it’s rattling, so they get worried and start to hold each other. The rattling and shaking gets worse and realize that something is definitely wrong so Juan says to Maria, “Te amo!”. Maria replies with, “Yo tambien!”. They kiss passionately seconds before the rocket ship blows up and they both die.


One Response to “I was a cool freshman…”

  1. HA! If I had a student turn in a story like this… oh man. Stuff like this makes grading WAY more entertaining.

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