I miss my best friends.

November 8, 2012

Tonight I couldn’t sleep.  I feel bad staying up with my computer light on while I type away and my roommate is sleeping.  She’s a light sleeper too…oh well.  I am kind of sad.  I am missing my friends a lot.  I looooove my friends here, but the ones I had were really the best.  Such unique and hilarious people, even if I did get frustrated with them sometimes, I still love them.  I miss them a lot.  I was not really the teenager that ditched her family and hung out with her friends ALL the time.  I loved hanging out with my mom and parents so I balanced my time between friends and family.  But I when I get home, I reeaaallly want to hang out with my friends more than my family right now.  It sounds bad but I do.  It will be difficult to figure out how to divide up my time.  It’s only ten days   :(I started going through my pictures on facebook and so many memories came back to me.  I realized how stupid I was for thinking I was sooo ugly back then.  Yeah guys weren’t all over me (and that’s a good thing), but I was not ugly.  I miss hanging out with my friends.  I miss driving around and doing stupid stuff.  I miss wasting summer days with them, doing nothing, staying up late, being stupid..  I hate that I can’t “waste” days away anymore.  Everyday has to be useful and is vital.  Maybe I want to play Sims with my best friend for a whole day, then make macaroni and cheese, then watch the Bachelor, then facebook stalk people and gossip for awhile.  But no, that’s a wasted day now.  I don’t have unlimited days like that anymore.  They are all so lucky, they all go to the same college, they will be best friends forever.  I will only get to visit every once in a while.  I had the best memories with them, even with some of the stupid drama we had, but that’s inevitable. 

Something about those girls I will never forget.  They are my best friends from high school, they were there for me, they supported me, we supported each other, they were hilarious, they helped me develop my personality, they made me outgoing, they encouraged me, we always had a good time.  I want that back. 
There is no one like them.  My best friend Lauren can ever be replaced or copied, she is original.  I will make new friends and best friends in the future, but I will never forget them.  Dang I am missing them so bad right now.

I neeeeeeeeeeeed to sleep.




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