Flooded with thoughts.

November 4, 2012

I feel so flooded with emotions all the time now.  I have so many thoughts and feelings going on all at once, I feel overwhelmed.  Maybe they are all catching up with me since basic training, that place freaking messed me up – physically, emotionally, and mentally.  My hormones are seriously out of control, but I try to stay tame. 

I mean, I have always over-analyzed people and when I communicate with them, but I feel like I do it constantly.  Thinking about guys and relationships is continuously going on in my head for some reason, maybe it’s because everyone here is in a relationship or married and they always talk about their girlfriend or boyfriend/spouse/fiance.  Whatever, I just blame my hormones and being a teenager and move on with life.

I have discovered how much I love meeting new people and talking/discovering more about them.  The first impression or the first time talking to someone can be intimidating, not knowing if this person is egotistical jerk who hates people or if they are really an amazing person with a great and diverse personality and background.  Some people think they can read a person and know who they are before they meet them just based on how they look or how they interact with others, but that’s completely not true.  I am always scared to talk to someone for the the first time, but after the scary introductions and figuring out if this person is safe to talk to and how to not offend them, then it gets fun to meet them.  Finding out why they are who they are. 

I used to be so scared to ask people their background and ask about themselves.  And some of that is also because I thought people didn’t want me to, or maybe I was just selfish and did not care to ask.  Now that I am not as shy as I used to be and I have met so many more people, they actually don’t mind if you ask about themselves, I mean you always have to be careful to get into touchy topics, but I love learning more about a person.  That’s it, I love learning in general, so learning about a person really intrigues me.  I hope I keep meeting more amazing people in the future and learning why they are the person they are, it’s always interesting, it’s a mini history book in a person.


I need to stop rambling and thinking I am intelligent, I know I sound stupid.




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