November 3, 2012

Girls are so freaking stupid sometimes.  Why are people so stupid with texting and facebook.  I always hear stupid girls complaining about a guy talking or texting them, saying, “Why is he talking to me, I wish he wasn’t, why did I give him my number, I don’t want to talk to him”.  Yet I see them respond as quickly as possible.  If you REALLY did not want to talk to this guy, I have a good way for him to stop talking to you, YOU STOP RESPONDING.  90% of the time the guy will get the picture if you stop responding to him for days.  Just stop.  No, don’t explain why you aren’t talking, just stop.  Unless you actually have the guts to tell him that you don’t want to talk to him anymore, straight up like that, then just stop talking to him.  Stop leading him on or letting him bug you, whatever.  It’s really not that difficult.  Stop complaining about your difficulties in life, because you just sound stupid. 

Stand up for yourself females.  Stop being a dumb around guys, they aren’t the only thing to live for, and that’s coming from a guy-crazy chick.


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