I was a cool freshman…

November 8, 2012

Looking back at my Notes on facebook, this is one I posted from my freshman year of high school.  I am soooo freaking cooll…


We had to write a made up story for Spanish having a few sentences in Spanish and have the rest in English. Considering that I wrote it in 10 minutes means that it is going to be the best thing that you have ever read in your life and should get lots of awards.

Our story starts in a fancy restaurant, in Spain to be exact with the two astronauts Juan and Maria having their last dinner on Earth before they leave to go to Hispanic-Mars. The waiter comes to their table and asks them what they would like to eat. Juan decides to choose his favorite, considering this could be his last meal both on Earth and in his life. “Quiero comer pizza, sala, y limonada”, says Juan with a burning passion as if he hasn’t eaten in days. The waiter writes down the order and asks what Maria wants. “Quiero hamburguesa, sala de frutas, y refresco” says Maria. The waiter writes down her order then leaves the two alone. Considering they don’t know each other they decide to try and get to know each other. “Como estas?”, says Maria questioningly. Juan replies with, “Bien!”. Soon they begin falling in love and talk the whole time. They get their food, eat it, pay the check then leave to the space station. They are pretty excited to spend lots of time together on Hispanic-Mars, so they get on the rocket ship and they leave. Once they get to Hispanic-Mars they find lots of Hispanic-rocks and collect them to take home. When they are finished they get back on the rocket ship and start flying away. They realize that it’s rattling, so they get worried and start to hold each other. The rattling and shaking gets worse and realize that something is definitely wrong so Juan says to Maria, “Te amo!”. Maria replies with, “Yo tambien!”. They kiss passionately seconds before the rocket ship blows up and they both die.


I miss my best friends.

November 8, 2012

Tonight I couldn’t sleep.  I feel bad staying up with my computer light on while I type away and my roommate is sleeping.  She’s a light sleeper too…oh well.  I am kind of sad.  I am missing my friends a lot.  I looooove my friends here, but the ones I had were really the best.  Such unique and hilarious people, even if I did get frustrated with them sometimes, I still love them.  I miss them a lot.  I was not really the teenager that ditched her family and hung out with her friends ALL the time.  I loved hanging out with my mom and parents so I balanced my time between friends and family.  But I when I get home, I reeaaallly want to hang out with my friends more than my family right now.  It sounds bad but I do.  It will be difficult to figure out how to divide up my time.  It’s only ten days   :(I started going through my pictures on facebook and so many memories came back to me.  I realized how stupid I was for thinking I was sooo ugly back then.  Yeah guys weren’t all over me (and that’s a good thing), but I was not ugly.  I miss hanging out with my friends.  I miss driving around and doing stupid stuff.  I miss wasting summer days with them, doing nothing, staying up late, being stupid..  I hate that I can’t “waste” days away anymore.  Everyday has to be useful and is vital.  Maybe I want to play Sims with my best friend for a whole day, then make macaroni and cheese, then watch the Bachelor, then facebook stalk people and gossip for awhile.  But no, that’s a wasted day now.  I don’t have unlimited days like that anymore.  They are all so lucky, they all go to the same college, they will be best friends forever.  I will only get to visit every once in a while.  I had the best memories with them, even with some of the stupid drama we had, but that’s inevitable. 

Something about those girls I will never forget.  They are my best friends from high school, they were there for me, they supported me, we supported each other, they were hilarious, they helped me develop my personality, they made me outgoing, they encouraged me, we always had a good time.  I want that back. 
There is no one like them.  My best friend Lauren can ever be replaced or copied, she is original.  I will make new friends and best friends in the future, but I will never forget them.  Dang I am missing them so bad right now.

I neeeeeeeeeeeed to sleep.



Flooded with thoughts.

November 4, 2012

I feel so flooded with emotions all the time now.  I have so many thoughts and feelings going on all at once, I feel overwhelmed.  Maybe they are all catching up with me since basic training, that place freaking messed me up – physically, emotionally, and mentally.  My hormones are seriously out of control, but I try to stay tame. 

I mean, I have always over-analyzed people and when I communicate with them, but I feel like I do it constantly.  Thinking about guys and relationships is continuously going on in my head for some reason, maybe it’s because everyone here is in a relationship or married and they always talk about their girlfriend or boyfriend/spouse/fiance.  Whatever, I just blame my hormones and being a teenager and move on with life.

I have discovered how much I love meeting new people and talking/discovering more about them.  The first impression or the first time talking to someone can be intimidating, not knowing if this person is egotistical jerk who hates people or if they are really an amazing person with a great and diverse personality and background.  Some people think they can read a person and know who they are before they meet them just based on how they look or how they interact with others, but that’s completely not true.  I am always scared to talk to someone for the the first time, but after the scary introductions and figuring out if this person is safe to talk to and how to not offend them, then it gets fun to meet them.  Finding out why they are who they are. 

I used to be so scared to ask people their background and ask about themselves.  And some of that is also because I thought people didn’t want me to, or maybe I was just selfish and did not care to ask.  Now that I am not as shy as I used to be and I have met so many more people, they actually don’t mind if you ask about themselves, I mean you always have to be careful to get into touchy topics, but I love learning more about a person.  That’s it, I love learning in general, so learning about a person really intrigues me.  I hope I keep meeting more amazing people in the future and learning why they are the person they are, it’s always interesting, it’s a mini history book in a person.


I need to stop rambling and thinking I am intelligent, I know I sound stupid.




November 3, 2012

I hate it when I am on my computer and I thought I had my headphones in…

only to realize like 20 minutes later, a few awkward youtube videos later that they weren’t.

My roommate is just sleeping.

didn’t say anything.

i’m sorry.


I’m so rude.

ANyway bye.

I”m annoyed with myself.



November 3, 2012

Girls are so freaking stupid sometimes.  Why are people so stupid with texting and facebook.  I always hear stupid girls complaining about a guy talking or texting them, saying, “Why is he talking to me, I wish he wasn’t, why did I give him my number, I don’t want to talk to him”.  Yet I see them respond as quickly as possible.  If you REALLY did not want to talk to this guy, I have a good way for him to stop talking to you, YOU STOP RESPONDING.  90% of the time the guy will get the picture if you stop responding to him for days.  Just stop.  No, don’t explain why you aren’t talking, just stop.  Unless you actually have the guts to tell him that you don’t want to talk to him anymore, straight up like that, then just stop talking to him.  Stop leading him on or letting him bug you, whatever.  It’s really not that difficult.  Stop complaining about your difficulties in life, because you just sound stupid. 

Stand up for yourself females.  Stop being a dumb around guys, they aren’t the only thing to live for, and that’s coming from a guy-crazy chick.