In a rut

October 30, 2012

I have not been wanting to blog lately.  And anytime I do, I feel like I am not enjoying it, that I am just rushing through it, trying to prove to the world that I can keep up a blog for longer than 3 months, and actually blog during that whole time.  I just need to dive into, like I am right now.  I related it to practicing my instruments.  I never really want to at first and even the first 10 minutes I may have a negative attitude about it and wish I could just quit right then and there.  It never fails me that a few minutes later I am totally enjoying myself, noticing all the progress I am making and how much I need (and slightly enjoy, but don’t tell anyone) to practice. 

It’s always been that way.  Just making that first step, actually acting out on what you want to do is the hardest part.  The same way with blogging.  I have to write that first paragraph, then I can keep writing.  It’s like my warm-up in a way.  Even though I still can’t necessarily think of what to write about, I am still glad I am writing, I love writing, I can say whatever I want.

You know what I feel like writing about?

This seems stupid, with all the millions of blogs out there, but I feel like I can’t find any blogs I want to read.  I do pathetic google searches, those end up being lame, only one or two posts actually interest me.  Then I started thinking, what do I want to read from a blogger?  I’m not really sure.  I just want some sort of balance or humor, truth, inspiration, not too long or to short of posts, not too many pictures or videos, intelligence, well-written but not rude sounding, goofy, etc.  Is that too much to ask for?  I try shopping for blogs I want to read, but I can’t seem to find any.  Maybe I will do some more blog shopping on wordpress. 

Yeah, I think I will do that for a while.  I am done writing I think, I have nothing more to say right now anyway.

Except I am trying to listen to more of the Gorillaz, I realized I listen to MUSE waaaaay too  much, and I am going to get sick of them if I don’t get into another group.  I like their music, pretty chill and easy to listen to, with some variety.  For a music person, I really don’t listen to a lot of groups, I need to.  By the way, I recently started loving Stevie Wonder again.




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