Day dreaming, reading, thinking, pondering..

June 15, 2012

This summer is possibly the best, not in some fantastic magical way, but in a fun and peaceful way.  I have been reading the Hunger Games trilogy on our long car ride this weekend and managed finish them.  I had sooo many thoughts going on in my head after it was over, I still get lost in thought just thinking about the books. You can think I am super mainstream for reading these books, whatever, I do not care.

In general, I love how Suzanne Collins writes.  I am sure there are plenty of literature snobs that think her writing is awful, well that is just fine, but I personally loved how she writes.  I am not trying to give away much in the book, so do not worry.  Now that I look back on the books, I wish I did not read the second or third one.  I wish the first one could have been happily ever after and I could have closed the book and been done with it.  People always wish they could do this in real life, and I think that’s what made the book so real – which I respect.  It was not just some goofy fantasy/fight world that was fakey.  It seemed real, but I also think that’s where some of the mistakes are.  I feel like they are not mistakes, but more of frustrations with characters, which again, also makes it very real.  Every character I had differing opinions on, I got annoyed with some, and loved others. They were not characters that you instantly loved or hated, you built relationships with them.

Something that bothers me with the main character when you start to look back on the book is the constant selfishness.  For someone that is supposed to be the protagonist, she is so self-centered.  Maybe it was because she was the one explaining the story and her constant thoughts getting tangled between what is right and what feels good.  I could handle it for the first book, but by the other two – it got extremely old.  She would constantly whine about herself, then feel bad that she was being selfish..but then relate everything back to her. It is like throughout the second and third book I cannot decide if I like her, trust her, annoyed with her (I was A LOT of the time), or felt bad for her.  It just seemed like a lot of the big deal moments and freak outs could have been easily avoided.

And the love triangle just irritated me so much.  Especially all the emotions and suspense about it…just for it to be so simply solved in the end.  Yes, all girls wish we had love strucks guys fawning over us, but that also get old, verrrry fast.  Maybe if she did not lie about everything, and explained her opinions at the appropriate time that would end up fixing the situation, she would not have been in such distraught.  The self-pity just got very old.

Blehh, I’ll add more thoughts later, I have had enough of evaluating this book for one day.  I still cannot decide if I liked it or not.


These books have gotten me thinking a lot though.  Not necessarily about the book, but just pondering over their problems in the book and eventually expanding to other trains of thought.  I just realized how nice it feels to sit in the quiet and just think.  Some people never make the opportunity to be able to sit alone and dream or conclude opinions or wandering thoughts.  Maybe that is just the introvert shining through again.

Well, I am going to go before I start to sound too stupid.




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