Feeling better.

June 9, 2012

I did hang out with my friends tonight. I was positive so things ended up fun! I knew that would happen, I just sometimes feel super moody and whatnot. Maybe it is just because I have been so disappointed in the past I am now afraid of the unknown that I will automatically be disappointed.
I think I have this conclusion because I had a negative attitude before. Having a positive attitude helps. Also to not always think about yourself and how you are feeling. Ever since we talked about selfishness in youth group I cannot stop thinking about it. I always think about other people’s feelings now. I hate leaving people out, or being rude to the uncool kids. I feel better about myself, and everyone is happy so usually the whole shindig is in a better mood in general. Also apart of the being positive and being selfish thing is to not expect perfection. I mean I think I expected to have the PERFECT hang outs with friends, but sometimes someone may be annoying, or there is a problem, or whatever, but it is much easier to not blow up the problem and just enjoy what you have.
I love being happier, nicer, more aware, positive, and living for the moment. It makes life easier. (Now I can finally enjoy my alone time!)


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