Not in the mood.

May 28, 2012

I am really not in the mood for blogging.  These past two days I have felt like I am not in the mood for anything.  I have these ideas to go running, play video games, clean my room, do the laundry, clean the house, organize photos, read a book, practice piano and french horn, etc.  I have done some of these things, but every time the idea pops in my head, I suddenly do not want to do it anymore.  I have been forcing myself to do some of the things though, I hate completely wasting my time.  I really do need to practice piano and french horn.  I seriously do not know where my horn chops went, I need a lesson pronto.  I am so annoyed, but I guess I will just have to keep practicing.  I have my piano recital this Wednesday, oh man. 

I have been going to grad parties all this weekend.  Well, only my close friends, but then I will stay there for a while because I like the people there, or there are bonfires afterwards, etc.  It has been fun, but tiring.  It has been hard to not gossip, I seriously struggle with this everyday.  I am really good at staying out of the drama, but just slipping a snarky remark or something of that sort gets difficult.  Especially when other people bring it up.  I am getting better at not starting it, but it is the worst when someone else brings it up and I just try to avoid the subject.   I feel like that is the reason people do not like being with me sometimes.  Well, my gossipy friends anyway.  They want me to agree with them, they do not like the feeling that they are rude or wrong.  It is always funny when one of those friends start gossiping and I try to change the subject or tell them to stop then they suddenly take it back, or say something else as if to balance the rude comment they just said because they could tell I did not like it.  Oh well, but I really do need to try harder.  Gossiping is awful.  I do not want to be the talk of the gossip, and no one else deserves to be either. 

Well, that’s all I feel like blogging about right now.  See?  I keep getting bored of everything.  Seriously.





One Response to “Not in the mood.”

  1. Jessica said

    I feel the same way about not being in the mood to do anything.. I honestly blame the weather because I’ve noticed that whenever it’s sunny, I just want to relax and hang out whereas if the weather is crappy, I wouldn’t mind staying home and doing this or that to occupy time. I get motivation by thinking of the future… 🙂

    And for gossiping, I was never one to gossip. I got a lot of friends that gossip and shares them with me and I just stand there, nod my head and the next minute, I’d forget it since I hate gossips. I try not to put any input into the gossips aside from a mutual comment so if drama does happen, I wouldn’t get involved. It’s good that you’re avoiding gossips and dramas, those are just childish things that causes stress and hardship D:

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