Ride my bike.

May 16, 2012

I rode my bike today, it was so great.  I miss riding my bike, it is officially becoming my new mode of transportation during the summer (especially because I do not drive and I feel bad mooching off my friends for rides).  I used to ride my bike ALL the time when I was younger.  I would just try to get lost and see new places.  And on the fitness side – I love that I am getting my exercise in, but I still get to sit! 

I feel stupid that I have been hesitant to get the bike out.  I am always worried that people are going to see me, like people that I know.  Well now I do not really care anymore, considering that school is over in two days and I will be gone in a month anyway so who cares? I still feel like I cannot ride my bike without my mp3 player, I mean I never get to listen to my music and I feel safer with my music while I am on my bike. 

Today was such a good day:

  • Had actual conversation with my dream man during accounting today.  (He’s this beautiful guy at my school who I have obsessed over for like 3 years, he was also looking extra fine today)
  • Made an amazing powerpoint presentation for spanish about the teachers at my school, finished it, presented it and got a good grade.
  • Listening to our choir’s recording session was unreal, the recording of Lux Aurumque (not to be braggy, but my little solo line sounded sweeet!) was amazing.
  • I finally started talking to my guy friend I went to prom with again, I had a bad feeling that he was going to stop talking to me.
  • I was not self conscious about my hair being up today.
  • We had cake during 8th period government with the best class ever.
  • Had a good piano lesson, got to see my sister and played our duet.
  • Got to ride my bike and play ultimate with some friends


Yeah, there were some negatives about my day, but I decided I was just going to not worry about them.





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