Why do I get so annoyed?

May 7, 2012

I cannot figure out why I get so annoyed with people sometimes.  I seriously switch between being in a good mood, then being extremely annoyed.  This happens with both my friends and my parents.  I am kind of used to it with my friends at this point, but it has gotten extremely worse with my parents lately.  Namely my dad, but my mom gets on my nerves too.

Okay, I love my parents and everything, we get along and hang out and what not.  I realize that some people do not have loving and supporting parents like mine, but this is my blog, this is my time for me to be selfish about my problems.

I just get so annoyed with my dad.  That is what I feel like talking about.  Just everything he says starts to bother me where it gets difficult to control myself.  I try so hard to not say anything.  I have started to resort to not even replying to him because I feel like hating him when he answers with a stupid reply.

I can predict everything he is going to say, that is why I do not even want to bother with talking to him. 

He thinks he is this unique hipster – he’s always says idiotic stuff like “I’m just weird that way, I am just different from what everyone else likes”.  Even stupid stuff like watching House Hunters and the person in the show mentions that they wish that the kitchen was dark wood with stainless steel appliances, his reply is, “I do not get why everyone HAS to love the dark wood and the stainless steel.  I just do not like why everyone else does, I do not care what is popular or what is “in style, or trendy”.  Then he has to mention how he likes the good ‘ol days before the wretched internet or whatever he likes to make up.  He has to explain the simplicity and how much better it was…while he sits on his computer playing online poker 24/7.  COOL DAD.  Aren’t you so freaking unique and original.  You TOTALLY do not fit the status quo.  It is like you are not even apart of this society, you have such a unique perspective on life, woooow wowowowowowow cool. 

You can stop criticizing every single television show I watch.  I am not kidding.  It has started since I was little.  I resort to watching sitcoms because he is too annoying.  Shows such as Cake Boss, Dance Moms, Toddlers and Tiaras, MythBusters, Pawn Stars, etc are the worst.  I cannot tell you how many times he says that the shows are TOTALLY scripted.  WOW DAD, DID YOU FIGURE THAT OUT YOURSELF??!!? Congrats.  I hate the scriptedness of the show, but I get over it, it is not something to mention and point out every single freaking time.  I get it, the television producers think that adding scripted drama makes the show more interesting, we all know.  You do not have to get all frustrated with the show and talk about how it is scripted as if I did not know.  The best is when we watch Mythbusters or Cake Boss and when they are building something or whatever, my dad can point out their OBVIOUS flaws in their plans because he is an engineer genius in his mind.  Once he finds the mistake (that is completely obvious to the viewers) then he has to mention how he would have SIMPLY done it himself.  IF IT IS SOOOOOO EASY TO YOU, WHY DON’T YOU CREATE YOUR OWN SUCCESSFUL CAKE BUSINESS OR YOUR OWN TELEVISION SHOW??!!


That’s all for now, I might add more later, I am definitely not done.  Sorry and thanks for reading my irrational and stupid post about my dad.




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