Music mood.

May 1, 2012

I am in a music mood.  It’s a mood where everyone is annoying the crap out of you and all you want to do is be completely taken over by a song.  I want to live in it and feel it.  I always forget how much people disappoint me.  I forget that my morals, standards, and views are not the same as others.  I mean I am not stupid.  It is not that I think that everyone is the same as me, I totally get that everyone has their own definition of right and wrong and whatever.  I just become disappointed when it is a friend that proves that they are not want I thought they were.  I mean that is just discovering people.  That is why I do not like to get too close to people too soon.  I enjoy discovering their personalities, figuring out just what kind of person they really are.  Yeah, it is fun to meet people for the first time and become instant friends, but I want more than that.  I want a relationship, I want someone where conversation (or no conversation) is comfortable.  I just forget that not everyone is who they show they are.

It is not that they are liars, it is that they reserved that side of them apparently.  Which I do respect, but I hate the feeling of disappointment.  I have no idea if this makes sense, I am just rambling because I swear if my mom interrupts my music listening one more time I will go insane.

Here’s a song that I wish I could live in: (not necessarily the music video, just the song)

Alex Clare has such souullll.  I freaking love it.  I do not know if I have mentioned it, but my favorite band of all time is MUSE.  I really do not listen to a lot of pop (not mainstream, I mean just any music).  I always wonder how people have so much time to research all these music artists and find all these obscure ones that suddenly become famous.  When I am driving with people in their car, I for some reason do not know half of the songs that everyone apparently loves.  No, I am not some hipster, I do not like crappy hipster music.  I just like what I like.

I am also totally obsessed with the Chopin Ballades, namely No.1 and 2.




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