Time for Wasting Time

April 2, 2012

I love the cliche saying of “there’s not enough hours in a day”.  There really is not.  All sorts of experts, professionals, employers, family members, doctors, friends telling you all these things you have to get done in a day.  It really is quite insane all the activities we feel we have to get done in a day.  Sleeping 8-10 hours, eating healthy – cooking each meal, brushing your teeth for 2 minutes, showering, putting on make up, getting dressed, driving to school or work, going through school or work, extra activities – errands – jobs, homework, time with friends and family, a sit down dinner that was cooked, doing dishes – laundry – cleaning the house, taking care of the family pet, go grocery shopping, run errands, drive people places, getting exercise in.  I honestly do not know how humans have time to do all the things that society requires us to do, but somehow we do.  I wish we did not have to spread ourselves that thin.

I just want time to waste time.  I want to watch hilarious videos all day.  Ever heard of the nostalgia critic?  He creates hilarious videos that I could watch all day with my mom or dad (with the disclaimer that he is occasionally inappropriate).  I could do all sorts of stupid things on the internet, like watch let’s plays, read comics, watch youtube videos for hours, etc.  I would watch television for days, play video games with my siblings, and search for new singers and artists to add to my playlist because I do not listen to very many people.  I would listen to music and dance more often.  I would take walks with my dog and my parents more and not worry about coming home at a certain time.  I would play french horn with my mom while she played flute more often.  I would read more books and watch more movies with my family.  I would eat dinner with my family and play board games with them.  I would wander the mall for hours and try on clothes, listen to music, smell foods, go to candy stores, try on make up, etc.  I would clean up the house for fun.  I would call a friend.  I would learn to knit from my mom and we would knit a blanket together.  I would ride my bike, and bake all sorts of cookies with my mom in her kitchen aid mixer.

I wish there was more time to be bored.  I love my hectic life and having it filled with fun but busy activities, but I so badly want to relax.  I want to be bored for a while.  I do not want pressures or expectations for a few weeks.  Just a couple weeks, then I would want it to end.  I just want to live in this wonderland of freedom and simplicity.  I guess I just have to wait until heaven?

I think the government should implement a national Bored Week/Day.  Well, maybe you would not have to title it that.  It would be like a sabbath week, in a way?  A do whatever your heart desires without worrying about what is coming up week.  That would be so convenient.  Maybe my introvert side is just coming out right now, but that sounds so relaxing, I am such a homebody sometimes.

It is getting so incredibly late.  I do not want to sleep.  I want to waste time.  Well, hopefully I will fall asleep.