Blessings and confidence rambles.

March 31, 2012

God has blessed me with many great things this year and my whole life.  Those suckish insecurities, worries, and depression do not control my life.  I have grown up, I have learned to let God control my life, along with myself.  There’s no doubt that I will falter, that is called being human.  I try my best to be God-centered, and that is what God wants.

Senior year has really been great.  Yes there have been a few stumbles and falls (not literally, I did not slip at all this winter, that is two years in a row!) but in general, my senior year has been a great one.  Friends have been a blessing, senior stuff is really great, bonding with the senior class, show choir being absolutely amazing, marching band awesomenessss, my sister moving back home with my new niece, being accepted into the army, discovering myself, setting up my senior recital, being involved in my church worship band., the whole works.  I bless these peacefully bliss times greatly, and thank God for everything he has given me.  It is only fair that I have an amazing senior year, because I am sooo nervous for basic training in June.  I have a big feeling that I will be tested (physically, mentally, emotionally, and religiously) there.  I pray for God to be on my side, so it should be alright in the end, he has plans for me.

But really, I love not freaking out about things.  The middle school problems and issues are gone, and I avoid getting into them.  Yeah maybe I am not the cooolest person to hang out with or something, but guess what?!  The cooool kids that everyone seems to like, guess what?  They ditch people, create stupid drama (hate that word, I sound like a petty teenage girl), and always find a friend that is cooooler than you.  I sometimes fall into this trap of wanting to hang out with the cooool/fun/”accepting” people.  I have learned to stick to my guns and stay true to my friends who do not lie, back stab, or find coooler friends.

Another thing…guess what CHICAS!??! Stop throwing yourself at guys.  Gain some confidence, put on some decent clothes, be yourself, and stop faking in front of guys.  It is really frustrating, for both guys and girls.  It is corny, but…Moddest is Hottest, seriously.  A girl can look just as cute (or better) in slightly longer shorts, a not plunging neckline, not skin tight clothes, and cleavage everywhere.  Showing some leg and chest (not breasts) can be flattering and cute, and that is all it should ever be.  It should not be sexy or revealing.  I honestly do not know how girls feel comfortable in those clothes, I feel dirty and awful.

Yes, society makes it seem like guys are only these horndog pigs who want boobs, butts, and a tiny waist.  Guess what, it is not always about sexy?  It is about have a clean and presentable appearance filled with confidence and having a personality that you are proud of.  You will feel better about yourself in the end, trust me.  I have never dressed revealing, I do not flirt with guys, I am not fake around them and I still get asked to school dances and have guy friends.  It is really not a big deal.  I wish girls did not want constant approval from disgusting guys.

How you catch them is how you keep them, remember that.

Alright, that is enough for today.  I am finally getting back into the blogging mood, yay!




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