October 17, 2011

Oh homecoming.  The one week were everyone makes a big deal about what costumes you are going to wear for each theme day, what boy is asking you to the dance, what dress/shoes/jewelry you are gonna get, who is gonna get on homecoming court, and if you’re football team is gonna win the big game.

Honestly, I am not overly obsessed with school spirit, but I really do like my high school.  It has it’s quirks in all different areas that you get used to, and love.  I don’t mind the people who get really into their school spirit, power to you, have fun with it.   I didn’t get too into the costumes, (except for pajama day, can’t pass that up) but overall it was fun.  Pep assemblies and parades that the band gets to be in is pretty fun, because even if the study body only likes the drumline (because they are coool….) we are still an important part of the school.

Now, let’s move on to the thing part of homecoming that everyone loves, that would be the homecoming dance.  Everybody knows it, stresses out about it, spends to much money on it, and sometimes has fun with it.  I had a stinkin’ fun time.  Why?

Lets start with this, I have good morals, I am developing my faith with God, have a strong supportive family…but my secret pleasure is watching Jersey Shore.  It’s like this surreal show about people that you could never even imagine.  It honestly seems like this whole different world and lifestyle, and I like knowing what it’s like.

Alright, now what does Jersey Shore have to do with anything?  Homecoming for me, is my one night were I like to think in the back of my mind, that I am apart of the Jersey Shore.  I put on makeup, I was wearing a dress (that was not skanky at all), I had on heels, we had our “family dinner”, then drove around like cooool teenagers and went to the dance and danced the night away.

I love my girlfriends.  We got ready together, and we all looked gorgeous and talked about how we are so freaking glad we are not awkward freshmen who don’t know how to do hair, makeup, or choose a dress.  I actually did my friend’s hair, we wanted an elegant up-do, and honestly it look really good.  I love doing hair, during show choir season, every other person is asking me to help them do their hair, it’s so fun.

The dance is my favorite part, besides just being with my friends.  Another great thing, my whole group (because we all had dates), made a NO GRINDING agreement.  We all think it’s disgusting, boring, and dumb.  I have never understood grinding, it looks so boring, you can’t see who you are “dancing” with, and you look like a slut.  We danced like freaking white kids, all in a circle acting like idiots, pretending I am Snooki in the back of my mind.  I had never sweat so much in my life, honestly it was so gross.  My feet killed, but I think I lost like 5 pounds last night, and it was freaking fun.  I love my friends, and I am sad that this was my last high school homecoming  😦

I guess I will just have to wait until prom!