September 20, 2011

This sucks.  I am already overwhelmed with everything.  I am failing Anatomy, and have D’s in Prob&Stats and AP Gov.  I need to write things down to maybe make my life not actually seem so insane.

Things I need to do:

Practice piano, fill out my binder before my lesson, and then suffer through.

Find a day for my senior recital and get it approved by my piano and horn teacher (and myself)

Figure out how I am getting to Symphony and Piano next week when my parents go to Houston for my sister’s pregnancy.

Practice french horn

Listen to recordings of my symphony music.

Set up my senior pictures by tomorrow because she keeps hassling me.  I don’t even want senior pictures, too expensive.

Somehow read 15 chapters that I have missed in my stupid World Literature class.

I have a church orchestra concert on Friday.

Send in my application to college, even though I am planning on the military.

Figure out how to drop Anatomy and World Lit so I can have PE and an open.

Set up a band lesson before this Friday to get my assignment done.

Finish my stupid spanish assignment at school before tomorrow at 4, even though I have band in the morning and have to leave right away for piano after school because our whole school uses suckish apple computers, so everything that is made on it online, can not be used on normal PCs.  I will have to do it during lunch.

Remember to bring my stupid mouthpiece to school for marching band.

Remember to bring my tennis shoes tomorrow for school.

Keep losing weight, eat healthier.



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