Relaxful evening.

August 7, 2011

I’m pretty sure I have not been more for more than an hour or two since yesterday.  Today was fun though, finally had a good time with all of my friends.  No fighting, no tension, no gossiping about other friends, it was peaceful.  We spent all last night watching Pretty Little Liars, our television series of the moment.  I really like the show, it has a good story, despite ABC’s corny and exaggerated actors.  Then I spent the rest of the day being with my friends, and got home late after our freaking movie from Blockbuster stopped playing during the middle of the movie…

I didn’t realize that there was a storm going on until my friend took me home.  I think there is some heat lightning, because there is a lot of lightning but not a lot of thunder going with it.  I never knew about heat lightning until I went to camp in Kansas, crazy huh?  My friends were camped out in one of the girls’ room, watching the lightning, and worried (but laughing) when we saw people walking through all the rain and wind, and just enjoying ourselves and most likely being annoying to everyone else.

I miss those friends.  Another reason I love camp friends, you just enjoy each other’s company.  You don’t worry about history, past boyfriends or friends, drama, or gossiping.  It’s the very start of friendship, it’s so raw.  You find out who you click with, then hang out with them.  It hasn’t changed since we were able to make decisions about who we like and don’t like.

Sorry if I sound like some idiot thinking that I am so insightful and deep, I just feel so relaxed.  I am just listening to some relaxing Muse songs while watching the lightning out of my window.

This is the first time in forever I have slept with my shades all the way up.  I can’t wait to wake up with the sun shining in, I love having my window facing east!

I love this song a lot.  I really want this album in general.  My favorite part is the chorus, I always imagine some guy saying those words to me, looking deep into my eyes (corny, I know!).




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