I am a panzy about bugs.

July 7, 2011

(Sorry for not blogging lately, I am trying to find that balance of having interesting blog posts, and just writing what I feel like.)

So for the past 6 months I have taken the liberty of cleaning my basement on my own.  My dad has a bit of hoarding tendencies, and he knows it, so he doesn’t like to clean because he wants to keep everything.  My mom is working all the time, so I don’t want to disrupt her working, so I am pretty much doing this on my own, but she’ll help me throw away trash once in awhile.

My basement was (and still slightly is) a huge mess.  There is stuff EVERYWHERE.  We have so much stuff that is anywhere from 2 years old to 30-40 years old down there.  Christmas decorations, complete trash, toilet seat, shower curtains, millions of books, billions of papers, video games, pictures, picture frames, violin, trumpet, trombone, vaccums, empty boxes, tons of cassette tapes, sheet music, clothing, and more collects down there.  I don’t mind cleaning and organizing that much, I find it fun to sort through everything, it’s just the bugs that kill me.

There used to be dead bugs everywhere you would step, it was disgusting beyond belief.  Then of course when you start moving boxes and different things, you move the homes of the living bugs, and then they start appearing.  Over the past 6 months, I have used up 3 cans of bug spray just on the basement and now onto my 4th.  (Don’t worry, I wear a face mask so I don’t breath everything in, I take proper precaution.)  I can’t squish bugs or spiders, I just can’t do it.  I hate either feeling the bug crunch, or hearing it, bleeeeeeeeeeehhh gross.  So that’s why I resort to my cans of bug spray, it’s my favorite way to kill bugs.  Plus it makes me feel like some cool western cowgirl sheriff who shoots down bugs.  But then I don’t have to touch them, or hear them crunch.  Then I just use my brush and dustpan to sweep them up!

But in the cases I haven’t had bug spray on hand were tough ones.  I once saw a spider in my shower, so I  sprayed it with air freshener that was under my sink, then once it fell in the tube, I slowed it down by pouring shampoo on it.  Then I always make my parents either squish it themselves.

And today was interesting.  I had a centipede in my basement, frickin’ nasty.  So I did what I normally did and sprayed my awesome bug spray on it.  But it wasn’t working, it kept moving.  I start freaking out, and then I went to my mom’s office and found some Elmer’s Glue and tried pouring it on the bug.  Of course none of the glue would come out of the orange pointed tip, so I just took the cap off and poured glue all over it.  IT WAS STILL ALIVE.  Now I was really freaking out because my mom was in a flute lesson so I couldn’t do anything.  The glue slowed it down though, so that was good.  I just kept spraying more bug spray on it until my mom was done so she could kill it.

Gosh I frickin’ hate bugs.




One Response to “I am a panzy about bugs.”

  1. professorpatch said

    I feel the same way when it comes to crushing bugs….

    BTW, trying to kill a bug with glue is classic. Just classic.

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