Band Camp

June 27, 2011

Hello everyone, I’m back again!  I forgot to let you in on the fact that I was going to band camp this past week.  Why?  Weeeell, my dad didn’t decide to sign me up for it until three days before the camp started, so it was pretty short notice.  No I did NOT forget about the blog, I just was gone, I swear!

Camp was really fun, I love going to band camps.  I’ve probably gone to like 5 or 6 of them, I don’t even know anymore.  They are so fun, I get to play on my instrument for hours on end in a band with amazing players (better than my highschool), and I get to meet so many random people.

It’s just so different from everyday life.  It’s finally okay to just go up to someone and talk to them because EVERYONE is alone, or maybe only with one other person.  It’s thrilling and exciting, you become new to everyone, no one has ever met you, the friendship is new, and develops so fast.  I already miss my friends at camp a ton.  Yes, it is only 5 days, but you spend every free moment together, which really adds up to quite a few hours, and then a close relationship.

That’s the only depressing thing (besides costing a lot of money), you spend all week making these amazing friends, then you have to go across the country and leave them.  Man, what would we do without the internet or cell phones, I would never see or talk to these people again!

Band camps have made me more social than I was before.  It becomes easier to find things to talk about with people and make friends.  I used to be so shy and never knew the right thing to say.  I’m still not a social butterfly or anything, but I can hold a decent conversation.

By the waaaaaay, I got Best Brass Player of the Week, so BAM!


NOTICE:  I will be leaving AGAIN in two days, I’m going to the Dells with some friends (with the friend who I wrote about earlier…we are “good” now)  Buuuut hopefully it will be fun, I am not going to complain about a practically free trip there sooooo.







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