Why I Suck Around Guys

June 12, 2011

Sup, it’s Kelsey.  So I consider myself I a decently social person.  I’m not really fakey though, I will always listen and care about someone’s stories or problems if they want me to.  But I cannot handle idiots or jerks so I also need alone time.  But if I am hanging out with friends, I can be pretty fun sometimes (mainly when I’ve been up late, when I am sleep deprived I become weirdly and obnoxiously social).  I’m always nice to people if they are willing to be nice to me.  I don’t necessarily always know the right thing to say when I first meet someone, but I try to be nice, even if I come off shy.  I have my guard up until I get to know the person better, I need to see what the person is like before I start to get to know them.

Heck, I am pretty decent around guys too.  I know, “What the heck is up with the title then?!?”.  Let me explain, I FRICKIN SUCK AROUND GOOD LOOKING GUYS OR GUYS THAT I LIKE.  Yeah, I could have put that as the title…but I went for a softer approach.

I’ve never really had a true boyfriend (No, middle school boyfriends were you never talked to them don’t count, I had like two of those).  I’m not that razzled about it, I’m cool with waiting a few years before I find a boyfriend, whatever happens, happens.  But I still want to talk to good looking guys, that’s normal teenage girl hormones, kay?

Like I can be having a good time with some friends (with guy friends there too!) and be able to have this great sense of humor and confidence, then boom- a hot guy comes up and is friends with one of my guy friends and I become a hot mess.  I try to act cool, and I end up being a complete loser.  I say completely stupid things, make awkward moments, and pretty much lose control of every normal part of me.  And it’s so dumb, I knoooow that I shouldn’t try to act cool or different, but it just happens.  It’s just an instant reaction to anyone that I find good looking, so it will be obvious if I think you are hot.  And then after I realize how dumb I acted, and embarrassed myself completely, then I stop talking and become instantly shy.  This is why I suck around hot guys.

It’s not that I want to be this huge slut who wants to hang out with hot guys or anything, I just want to talk to them and not embarrass myself.  Is that too much to ask?  So it’s official, I will not marry a good looking guy because I am not capable of talking to them.  End of story.




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