Band Camp

June 27, 2011

Hello everyone, I’m back again!  I forgot to let you in on the fact that I was going to band camp this past week.  Why?  Weeeell, my dad didn’t decide to sign me up for it until three days before the camp started, so it was pretty short notice.  No I did NOT forget about the blog, I just was gone, I swear!

Camp was really fun, I love going to band camps.  I’ve probably gone to like 5 or 6 of them, I don’t even know anymore.  They are so fun, I get to play on my instrument for hours on end in a band with amazing players (better than my highschool), and I get to meet so many random people.

It’s just so different from everyday life.  It’s finally okay to just go up to someone and talk to them because EVERYONE is alone, or maybe only with one other person.  It’s thrilling and exciting, you become new to everyone, no one has ever met you, the friendship is new, and develops so fast.  I already miss my friends at camp a ton.  Yes, it is only 5 days, but you spend every free moment together, which really adds up to quite a few hours, and then a close relationship.

That’s the only depressing thing (besides costing a lot of money), you spend all week making these amazing friends, then you have to go across the country and leave them.  Man, what would we do without the internet or cell phones, I would never see or talk to these people again!

Band camps have made me more social than I was before.  It becomes easier to find things to talk about with people and make friends.  I used to be so shy and never knew the right thing to say.  I’m still not a social butterfly or anything, but I can hold a decent conversation.

By the waaaaaay, I got Best Brass Player of the Week, so BAM!


NOTICE:  I will be leaving AGAIN in two days, I’m going to the Dells with some friends (with the friend who I wrote about earlier…we are “good” now)  Buuuut hopefully it will be fun, I am not going to complain about a practically free trip there sooooo.







Yes officer,

June 17, 2011

Today was an interesting day, I must admit.  I started out as a normal morning, waking up, practicing some french horn, piano, watched television, cleaned, etc.  Then around 5:30, my brother and dad had to go to some carnival to play in a community jazz band.  Of course, they needed an extra trumpet player so I gave in and went.  I have filled in with them on bass a few times, but this was my first time playing trumpet with them.

So after that ended, my friend Allie texted me about hanging out at my local park.  I said sure, and after I had some dinner with my family I went over there.  It was me, my friend (from another school, met her through a band thing), and a bunch of kids I didn’t know from her school.  It was fine, they were all nice, accepting, and pretty chill.  So we roasted some marshmellows (I’ve been CRAVING), then once everyone got there, we started to play hide and go seek.

After quite a few rounds we stopped and went into the gazebo to hang out and talk.  Let me inform you with something straight up:  We were not drinking, doing drugs, having sex, or anything remotely illegal….except for one thing – being at the park after hours.  We were literally about to leave and guess who shows up?  Yep, a police officer.

Crap crap crap crap crap, was repeatedly going on in my head.  He asked us all for our IDs, and of course I didn’t have mine.  I switched purses and forgot to put it in there, I wasn’t driving so it’s not like I needed it at the time.  I told him my name, and he asked me for my date of birth.  After some talking to, and some searching he let us leave saying he was just making sure our records were clean and that we weren’t doing anything illegal.  I’m still freaking out that he will fine us, ticket us, or call our parents.  I mean, it’s not like it’s a crime, but it’s still a law.

I’ve been freaking out for the past hour, researching online about this situation, and it’s been scaring me too much, soooo I stopped.  I’ve only talked to a cop like once or twice, from car accidents, so it was scary to have a cop think that I did something illegal.  I mean, I’m so used to people knowing I am a good person, it’s weird to have someone think that I am doing drugs or that I am a typical drinking teen.

I’m sorry officer, but we were playing hide and seek.




Why I Suck Around Guys

June 12, 2011

Sup, it’s Kelsey.  So I consider myself I a decently social person.  I’m not really fakey though, I will always listen and care about someone’s stories or problems if they want me to.  But I cannot handle idiots or jerks so I also need alone time.  But if I am hanging out with friends, I can be pretty fun sometimes (mainly when I’ve been up late, when I am sleep deprived I become weirdly and obnoxiously social).  I’m always nice to people if they are willing to be nice to me.  I don’t necessarily always know the right thing to say when I first meet someone, but I try to be nice, even if I come off shy.  I have my guard up until I get to know the person better, I need to see what the person is like before I start to get to know them.

Heck, I am pretty decent around guys too.  I know, “What the heck is up with the title then?!?”.  Let me explain, I FRICKIN SUCK AROUND GOOD LOOKING GUYS OR GUYS THAT I LIKE.  Yeah, I could have put that as the title…but I went for a softer approach.

I’ve never really had a true boyfriend (No, middle school boyfriends were you never talked to them don’t count, I had like two of those).  I’m not that razzled about it, I’m cool with waiting a few years before I find a boyfriend, whatever happens, happens.  But I still want to talk to good looking guys, that’s normal teenage girl hormones, kay?

Like I can be having a good time with some friends (with guy friends there too!) and be able to have this great sense of humor and confidence, then boom- a hot guy comes up and is friends with one of my guy friends and I become a hot mess.  I try to act cool, and I end up being a complete loser.  I say completely stupid things, make awkward moments, and pretty much lose control of every normal part of me.  And it’s so dumb, I knoooow that I shouldn’t try to act cool or different, but it just happens.  It’s just an instant reaction to anyone that I find good looking, so it will be obvious if I think you are hot.  And then after I realize how dumb I acted, and embarrassed myself completely, then I stop talking and become instantly shy.  This is why I suck around hot guys.

It’s not that I want to be this huge slut who wants to hang out with hot guys or anything, I just want to talk to them and not embarrass myself.  Is that too much to ask?  So it’s official, I will not marry a good looking guy because I am not capable of talking to them.  End of story.



3 Reasons

June 8, 2011

It’s Kelsey here and I’ve decided to start blogging again (for about the 20th time).  I’ve always liked the thought of blogging, but always end up not following through with it.  I categorized the top 3 reasons why I stop and start blogging.

These are the 3 reasons why I stop blogging:

1.  I forget about it.

2.  I don’t blog consistently.  I always have a million things to say on the first day of making a blog and make like 10 posts then #1 comes into play.

3.  I’m afraid people will find out who I am in real life.  For some reason this really bothers me.  I don’t want my parents, siblings, friends, or weird kids from my school knowing what I write about.

These are the 3 reasons why I love blogging and want to start again:

1.  I can talk about whatever I feel like.  I can be totally self-centered and talk about only myself and not care.  Or I can talk about stupid crap that no one cares about!

2.  I can vent about anything.  You know those secrets, thoughts, or issues that you don’t want to tell anyone because they will either tell someone else or think that you are a freak?  That’s what I love about a blog!

3. I get to learn more about myself.  I change a lot, so it’s interesting to see how I change.

You’ll get to learn more about me as this blog develops.  I’m challenging myself to write in it everyday, but I’ll see how that goes.  Sorry if I end up being extremely boring, it’s just another teenage girl blog.